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re imagining your travel




The Art of travelling consciously. 
Extraordinary, inspiring and impactful personalized adventures in legendary East Africa, Oman and soon SE Asia.

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My passion is travel. 

Discovery. Insight. Inspiration. Magic.

Cutting through the noise. Travelling consciously to remote places in unique, memorable comfort. 

Authentic, unusual and immersive adventures that respect our responsibility as guardians of our wilderness spaces.


For 12 years, together with my husband, I have been building The Guardian Project - Rita & Jeff Rayman, our family foundation, into conservation through community development spanning 5 East African countries,

collaborating with and around 9 national parks, 6 conservancies and 1 protected forest, improving the lives of over 12,000+ families

and endorsed by Dr. Jane Goodall.

And during this time, a most astounding array of adventures in extraordinary places,

collected in a portfolio of properties and professionals that guarantee your dream is realized.

I organize trips for supporters, travellers and agents eager for opportunities beyond the obvious and routine, 

from my 12 years of 'boots on the ground’ perspective, to provide truly personal and rewarding experiences.

Specializing in Great Lakes, East Africa - Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, and D.R.Congo...yes, Congo!

And the spectacular country of Oman, in the nearby Arabian Peninsula, historically tied to Kenya's and Tanzania's Spice Coast, to take your safari to the next level.


I'd like to curate your next travel adventure.









Discovery. Insight. Inspiration. Awe.

Bucket: re-imagining your travel

rita rayman

40 hillcrest drive

toronto, canada

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+416 657 8246

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"travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness."                                                                            Mark Twain

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all photos by Jeff & rita rayman
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