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our adventurers speak

"All will be amazing!"

Said Rita in the email and that is indeed true.
How BEAUTIFUL it is!
Do not be worried.
You are about to have a lovely, easy adventure.
You are safe.
You will be comfortable.

It was a wonderful, amazing journey.

Highly recommended.

Henny, Holland 

I had the privilege of joining Jeff and Rita Rayman on a trip to Rwanda and Tanzania.

The trip far surpassed my expectations and was the most memorable one I have ever been on.

Rita had planned the itinerary which was perfect down to the last detail. 

There were a lot of personal touches that you would not experience with a larger tour.

Cultural immersion and an eclectic mix of historical hotels and a comfortable, cozy BnBs, beautiful yurts and a stunning permanent tented camp.

Each day was another adventure.

We even saw the migration of Zebra and Wildebeest!

I would not hesitate to use Rita as a consultant in planning my or your next memorable vacation.

Andrea, Toronto, Canada

I had embarked on planning a long awaited trip that at first glance seemed somewhat overwhelming to me as I had no experience or understanding of the region. 
Enter Rita who, due to her vast knowledge of the area, had the ability to offer me a unique experience that I came to find out she called, "beyond routine".
Well it was just that!

Thank you Rita for an experience that was nothing short of a dream come true…really no words.
Peter, Vancouver, Canada

We felt comfortable taking this trip with people who had been there many times, knew people and their way around.

Rita set the itinerary and the details and we showed up.

I was surprised how safe I felt.

'Project’ activities allowed us to witness  the direct impact of our support for The Guardian Project.

Rita did a great job of balancing our safety and comfort with our ability to get closer to the people than the average tourist would normally do.

This was a memorable trip.

Thank you.

Wendy and Roman, Toronto, Canada

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the most amazing adventure! 

From the moment I got off the plane to my departure, I was awestruck at every turn.

It truly was an experience of a lifetime.

Trips to The Guardian Project co operatives filled my spirit and my heart.

And great food at local restaurants and in camp, with great company, filled my soul.

The entire trip arranged by Rita was something I will never forget.

I will be back.

Love you Rwanda!

Jacqui,  Stoney Lake, Canada

Oman is a relatively new destination for travelers and other than a few internet blogs, we were uncertain what to expect or how to begin planning for travel there.

With the expert advice and guidance of Rita Rayman at Bucket, our Oman adventure will certainly be memorable for years to come.

Rita began working with us by understanding who we are and our motivations for travelling to Oman.

She then translated those desires with a local Omani agency and together, they developed our customized itinerary.

Guided by Rita, the agency was attentive and quick to respond to our needs,  both before and during our Oman travels.  


Rita is an accomplished traveler who understands the variety of needs of her clients.

She is curious and caring and is authentically passionate about the people and places on Earth.

We will certainly call on Bucket again for future travels, especially to new and uncharted destinations.  

Karey, Toronto, Canada

Our trip to Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda, curated by Rita Rayman, was the experience of a lifetime. 

Rita made sure that we were well taken care of, ensuring we always had one of the best guides in the area and arranging for fabulous accommodations, delicious meals  and 16 days of incredible and varied adventures.

Nature, culture, history.

And a chance to interact with local communities.

  We had a great time. 

We would highly recommend booking through Rita if you plan on taking a trip to Africa.  

For our part, we will be talking to Rita about our next excursion into a different part of the continent…this time Botswana and South Africa.

Pam & JulianWinnipeg, Canada

Wow!  An amazing trip.  Thanks so much for organizing, it was perfect!

Kiba Point was fabulous - great to have the camp to ourselves and the staff there is incredible.

Zanzibar was also excellent... great to have the tranquility of our own place.  The staff there was also awesome.

Then Stone Town - again great!... the coolest hotel we have ever stayed at.

Our kids can’t stop saying that it was the best trip ever.

Thanks again!

Rob, Toronto, Canada

An epic adventure is exactly what you delivered. 
I feel like I lived a dream in February 2022
You understood exactly what we would have wanted to see/do/experience, and you took the best of your own travels and bundled it up for us with a beautiful bow.
Know that this will not be the last adventure you create for me.
You made so many dreams come true, and I am forever grateful.  Travel safe, and continue to work to change the world.
Jodi, Toronto, Canada

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